Open Data Share Project



Knowledge is Power. However, often development practitioners often suffer from lack of data that can help make them make informed decisions in real time., or rather quality data. Researchers usually do not share their raw data till its being published. At the Devcafe we encourage open data sharing and through our journal we make sure we are able to publish the papers so that our authors can freely share their data with anyone who can benefit from it.

There are many advantages that we think are useful in open data share

If you are a researcher and would like to Share your data online with us please Fill the form below and upload the same. We give full acknowledgement of the source and its hosted in our servers. Each person who downloads the data also gives details of their intended use.


If you are downloading a dataset please acknowledge the Source Indicated above the datasets in your analysis/paper/report.

The Open Data Sets

If you are a donor interested in supporting this initiative please Contact Us